Vi Nhan School for the Disabled – Over 150 children attend this school, including orphaned and disabled students. The Voice of Love Foundation has assisted in purchasing school supplies, clothes, food and books, specifically those written in braille for the school’s blind children. In their spare time, the older children learn to make beautiful wood carvings by hand, which they can sell to help financially support themselves.

Vi Nhan

A blind student reads a book in Braille

Vi Nhan lunch

Students at Vi Nhan having lunch

Wood carving

Wooden carving from the Vi Nhan school

Voice of Love Sponsored Scholarships – We believe that a child’s education is extremely important for their development. In Vietnam, public education  is not free and many students struggle to pay the school tuition. VOL provides annual scholarships for ~12 students equalling US$100 each to cover the costs of tuition, books and other school supplies. We are grateful to Father Do Cong, a longtime friend of VOL, who helps us identify gifted children from Binh Dien village for the scholarship.

Doan Trang
Doan Trang

Doan Trang Scholarship – This scholarship was established in 2011 by Sarah Lan Nguyen in honor of her loving cousin, Đoàn Thị Đoan Trang, a scholarship student at Boise State University who was killed in a weather-related traffic accident while returning from a university in 2004 (Boise State International Insider).

In September of 2011, Nguyen partnered with the Voice of Love Foundation to request a grant from her employer, Datron World Communications, a company based in San Diego, CA. Datron has generously provided and continued financial support over the years to the Doan Trang Scholarship fund to assist the poor and disable students in Viet Nam. The scholarship has been awarded to more than 20 students at various elementary and middle schools each year, including Thuy Luong, Huong Thuy and An Bang in 2012, Huyen Tran in 2013 and Phu Mau in 2014. This year, the scholarship will be available to approximately 28 students at Phu Mau, Thuy Luong, Huyen Tran and Trieu Phong.

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