Medical Care

Bao Dinh Medical Clinic – Bao Dinh is a free medical clinic built by VOL in 2002 that provides medical care to those in need. The Voice of Love Foundation provides the clinic with medicine, equipment, supplies and food for those who have traveled long distances to come to the clinic.

Bao dinh clinic patients

Patients being cared for at Bao Dinh Clinic

Bao dinh man knee

Patient receiving exam at Bao Dinh

bao dinh clinic equipment

Medical Equipment at Bao Dinh

Wheelchairs for those in need in Long Khanh – Long Khanh is a remote village in Vietnam with many impoverished residents. VOL has worked with Sister Tuyet Trinh to provide wheelchairs to the handicapped who cannot afford to purchase wheelchairs. Each year VOL has provided ~30 wheelchairs, which cost ~US$70 per chair,  to this region with the help and guidance of Sister Tuyet.

wheelchairchild wheelchairwoman wheelchair

Residents of Long Khanh with wheelchairs from VOL

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"If you can't feed a hundred people, then feed just one." -Mother Teresa

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